Disability Advisory Committee

The Disability Advisory Committee evaluates, for the Board, nurses and CNAs regarding substance use disorder or other mental disorders which may be impairing nursing practice.  It also monitors recovery progress through scheduled interviews with the nurse or nursing assistant and through regular reports from employers and treatment providers.  The entire committee meets semiannually to review the monitoring process, conceptual model, and provider status; plan education presentations; and formulate proposals for policy and procedural changes to the Board.  Representatives of the committee meet to make recommendations to the Board regarding application and/or reinstatement of licensure/certification, termination of probation, and as part of the investigative process.

Active Members
Sherri Twedt, RN, LNC, Compliance Coordinator – Chair
Sandra Halley, Board Consumer Member – Board Liaison
Richard Angelastro, MSN, RN - Las Vegas - September 2019*
Rebecca Gebhardt, APRN - Reno - March 2020
Susan Hubbard, MS, BS, RN - Las Vegas -  September 2018
Active Conceptual Members**
Cookie Bible, BSN, RNC, APRN - Zephyr Cove -Indefinite
Mary Culbert, MS, RN - Reno -Indefinite
Peggy Cullum, RN - Las Vegas -Indefinite
Mattie Harris, RN -Las Vegas -Indefinite
Susan O'Day, MSN, RN, CPAN - Reno -Indefinite
Karienne Rimer, RN - Henderson -Indefinite
Toril Strand, RN - Reno - Indefinite
Ann Testolin, EdD, MS, BS, RN -Reno -Indefinite
Judith Vogel, BSN, RN - Boulder City -Indefinite
**Conceptual members have served two terms but desire to remain available to the Board for their historical expertise.
Meeting Agenda
October 20, 2017
Other Meeting Dates
January 18, 2018
April 19, 2018
July 05, 2018
October 18, 2018
Meeting Minutes