Executive Staff

Cathy Dinauer, MSN, RN
Executive Director
Statewide Liaison & Spokesperson, Organizational & Public Management, Fiscal & Human Resource Management, Legislative and Governmental Relations, APRN Advisory Committee Chair

Fred Olmstead, Esq.
General Counsel
Legal Counsel

Dean Estes, CPM
Director of Finance/Technology
Budget, Accounting, Payroll, Technology Support

Kimberly A. Arguello, Esq.
Deputy General Counsel
Legal Counsel

Sam McCord, BSN, RN
Director for Nursing Practice
Case Review, Investigation and Settlement; Oversight for application review/compliance; Nursing Practice Advisory Committee Chair

Catherine Prato-Lefkowitz, PhD, MSN, RN
Director of Nursing Education
Nursing Education Programs, CNA Training Programs, Continuing Education Programs, Education Advisory Committee Chair, CNA Advisory Committee Chair, Advanced Practice and International Graduate Document Analysis, NSBN News Editor

Gail Trujillo, CP
Director of Licensure and Certification
Program Management, RN/LPN/APRN Licensure, CNA/CRNA/EMS-RN Certification

Hillary Murphy
Executive Assistant
Assistant to the Executive Director, General Counsel, and Deputy General Counsel, Scheduling, Board Meeting Agenda and Arrangements, “Nurse Practice Act” Publication

Program Staff
Investigations and Monitoring

Teresa Cartmill, BSN, RN
Lead Nurse Investigator
Complaint Investigations, Nursing Practice Questions

C. Ryan Mann, BSN, RN
Application Coordinator
Application Review, Fraudulent Application Screening

Cindy Peterson, RN, CLNC, CHCQM
Nurse Investigator
Complaint Investigations, Nursing Practice Questions

Amie Ruckman, BSN, CLNC, RN
Nurse Investigator
Complaint Investigations, Nursing Practice Questions

Sherri Twedt, RN, CLNC
Compliance Coordinator
Disability Advisory Committee Chair, Professional Evaluations Group Scheduling, Monitoring and Probation Programs

Licensure and Certification

Ariadna Ramos Zavala
Program Assistant
Endorsement applications, Renewal applications, Licensure eligibility questions, Fingerprint capture, Program Support, Spanish-speaking services for consumers

Patty Towler
Senior Certification Specialist
CNA Registry Information, CNA Certification and Renewals, RN/LPN licensure by Endorsement and Examination Applications, Certification audits (CNA, CRNA)

Sandy Webb
Program Assistant
Licensure eligibility questions, Licensure by Examination and Endorsement applications, International nurse graduates and licensure issues, RN/LPN Refresher Applications 


Courteney Baccei
Management Assistant
Assistant to the Application Coordinator, Discipline investigative support, Yes Answer and Fraudulent application processing, Board meeting preparation, NURsys data entry

Jeannette Calderon
Management Assistant
Assistant to the Education Consultant, APRN audits, CE Provider audits, CNA Program and Instructor Approvals, NSBN News Assistant Editor

Rhoda Cope
Management Assistant
Assistant to the Director of Finance/Technology, Fingerprint response processing, Nursing Personnel lists, Technology support

Christie Daliposon
Management Assistant
Assistant to the Director of Nursing Practice, Nurse and CNA CE Audit resolution, Board meeting preparation, NURsys and NPDP data entry

Stacy Hill
Management Assistant
Assistant to the Compliance Coordinator, Board meeting preparation, Professional Evaluation Group Scheduling, NURsys data entry


Takyra Bailey
Cydnee Cernas
Ariel Gamble
DeVauna Green
Customer Service Representatives

Renewal applications, program support, Inquiries, information referrals, Licensure/Certification applications, Fingerprint capture