How to Renew Your RN License and APN Certificate

How to Renew Your RN License and APN Certificate

Carefully complete and submit your renewal application. If you're licensed as an RN in the state of Nevada, renewal postcards with PIN numbers for both your RN license and your APN certificate will be mailed to your address two months before your certificate is due to expire. They are mailed to your address on record, so it's very important to inform the Nevada State Board of Nursing in writing whenever you change addresses. You may change your address by clicking here.

Click here to renew your license and APN certificate online.

If you cannot renew online, you may click here for a PDF renewal application. After you complete the form online, print it, sign it, include the fees, and return it to the address on the application. You may also request a renewal application by calling 1-888-590- 6726

Renewal requirements: You must have completed a total of 45 hours of nursing-related continuing education in the previous 24 months. You must also have at least 800 hours of APN practice in the last five years. Your collaborative agreement must be current. If you have changed physicians since the last renewal, you must submit a copy of your new collaborative agreement. You must complete the child support section of the application (even if you don't have a child), and answer all five eligibility screening questions.

Renewal fee: $200 for APN certification; $100 for RN licensure

Late fee: $100

All fees are non-refundable.