Advanced Practice Registered Nurse

How to Apply for Licensure as an
Advanced Practice Registered Nurse

We will be launching the Nevada Nurse Portal that allows Nevada licensees/certificate holders and prospective applicants to manage their initial and renewal applications online, submit requests electronically and view their license/certificate status. Click here for more information. 

Once the Nevada Nurse Portal is available, you will no longer submit paper applications. Applications will be submitted via the Nevada Nurse Portal. 

Initial Applications

  • APRN license
    • Qualifications. Click here for a summary of Nevada APRN qualifications.
    • On line APRN application and instructions. Applications for licensure as an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) are available here as PDF forms you complete on line, then print, sign, and mail or fax with the certification fee. Click on the links below.
      • Application and Instructions for APRN Licensure




  • RN license
    • To practice as an APRN in Nevada, you must have an active RN license. If you wish to download an application, please click here.
  • APRN license/RN license
    • You may download both the APRN and RN initial applications from our forms page. Please click here.
Renewal Applications 
  • Applications for RN/APRN license renewal are now available online. Please click here for more information on the renewal process.

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