License/Certificate Verification

The License/Certificate Verification system is updated every business day at 5 p.m.

The License/Certificate Verification system will verify whether an individual holds an active Nevada license or certificate whether disciplinary action has been taken against an individual's license or certificate.

To verify whether an individual, or a group (batch) of individuals, holds an active Nevada license or certificate, please click one of the links below:

In addition to the ability to verify licensure status using the Board's verification system, you have the option of verifying permanent licensure status for RNs or LPNs on the National Council of State Boards of Nursing's secure, online verification system, NURsys. The NURsys system contains licensure and discipline data for Nevada licenses.

Verification for CNA, APN, CRNA, or EMS certifications must be done via the Board's verification system.

To verify an RN or LPN license using NURsys, please click the link below:


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The Nevada State Board of Nursing is funded from fees collected from nursing licenses/certificates. The Board does not receive funds from the State General Fund.

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