CNA Renewal of Certificate

CNA renewal of certificate

Qualifications for certified nursing assistant hours of employment for renewal of certificate

It is the opinion of the Nevada State Board of Nursing that a person who is certified as a nursing assistant in Nevada, is working under a title other than CNA, and is performing duties other than those identified in the CNA model curriculum is not practicing as a CNA. Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) practice is regulated by the Board of Nursing. A person who practices as a CNA in the State of Nevada must demonstrate minimal eligibility requirements for renewal of the certificate that are consistent with federal laws governing the nursing assistant registry, including but not limited to:

  • Twenty-four hours of continuing education within the CNA scope of practice; and
  • Forty hours of employment as a CNA within the scope of practice as defined in the Nurse Practice Act and outlined on the CNA Skills Guidelines.

The Nevada State Board of Nursing has previously opined that CNAs may perform tasks which are beyond those listed in the CNA Skills Guidelines if they complete additional training and have documented competencies, as long as the task is assigned pursuant to NAC 632.222 by a licensed professional nurse. Supervision requires the RN to ascertain that the task:

  • Is considered safe and routine for the specific client,
  • Poses little potential hazard for the client,
  • Can be performed with a predictable outcome,
  • Does not require assessment, interpretation or decision-making while being performed,
  • Involves a limited degree of potential client discomfort, and
  • Does not require a substantial amount of scientific knowledge and technical skill.

Most importantly, the RN always maintains accountability for the overall provision of nursing practice, being responsible for the ongoing supervision and evaluation of the assigned task following the accepted standard of care which would be provided by a reasonable and prudent nurse. It is the opinion of the Nevada State Board of Nursing that hours of employment obtained   outside of the defined scope of practice do not constitute CNA practice. The use of titles and/or job descriptions including, but not limited to, the following are considered to be unlicensed assistive personnel and not within the CNA scope of practice and these will not be considered as hours to meet the renewal requirement:  

1.         EKG and/or monitor clerk/technician

2.         Patient Care Technician

3.         ICU/CCU/ER/OR/Mental Health/Cardiology or other unit clerk/technician

4.         Unit Clerk/secretary and/or Health Unit Coordinator

5.         Personal Assistant/Personal Care Assistant/Companion

6.         Supportive Living Arrangement Aide

7.         Medication Aide/Assistant

8.         Restorative Aide

9.         Private duty aide/caregiver

Rationale: Nursing assistants are certified by the Nevada State Board of Nursing and perform specific tasks and skills consistent with their training and documented competency. CNA practice is under the regulatory authority and oversight of the board to ensure public protection and safety.  Unlicensed assistive personnel (ULAPs) do not work under any regulatory oversight or authority.  There should be no confusion to the public, to employers, to the nursing assistant or to their supervising licensed nurses regarding what constitutes the legal scope of practice of the CNA.   References: NRS 632.342 Renewal of certificate 42 CFR Ch.IV Code of Federal Regulations   Approved by the Nevada State Board of Nursing:  3/18/10