CNA Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee on Nursing Assistants and Medication Aides is distinctive because its composition is defined by statute (NRS 632.072) and its duty is to advise the Board on matters relating to nursing assistants and medication aides-certified.


Catherine Prato-Lefkowitz, PhD, MSN, RN, Education Consultant – Chair

Tracy Gentry, CNA (CNA member) - Las Vegas - January 2019*
M. Jeanne Hesterlee, RN (Bureau of Health Care Quality and Compliance) - Carson City - Indefinite
Robert Kidd (Long Term Care) - Reno - September 2021*
Rhonda Meyer, RN, (Division of Healthcare Financing and Policy) - Elko - Indefinite
Jennifer Williams-Woods (Division of Aging Services) - Reno - Indefinite
Carole Wiseman, RN (AARP Member)– Reno – March 2020
Carla Wright, MSNed, RN (RN member) - North Las Vegas - Indefinite

Meeting Agenda
January 10, 2019

Other Meeting Dates
January 10, 2019
April 11, 2019
August 8, 2019
October 10, 2019

Meeting Minutes