Consumer Information and Complaint Form

Consumer Information and Complaint Report Form

Filing a Complaint Against a Nurse or Nursing Assistant

What is The Nevada State Board of Nursing?

The Nevada State Board of Nursing (the Board) is the state agency which licenses, regulates and disciplines the practice of Registered Nurses (RNs), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs), Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs), Advanced Practitioners of Nursing (APNs) and Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs). The mission of the Nevada State Board of Nursing is protecting the public's health, safety and welfare through the effective regulation of nursing.


What can consumers expect from nurses and CNAs?

Nurses and CNAs are interested in your well-being. They want to share their  expertise with you and your loved ones to help you get and stay healthy. Don’t be  afraid to ask your nurse or CNA questions. Here’s what you can expect—to be informed of your nurse’s or CNA’s professional limits or expertise of  care; to see your nurse’s license or CNA’s certificate; confidentiality of  your health care records; upon request, the ability to terminate the health  care service at any time; and to receive considerate and respectful care.


What if there is a problem?

First, ask questions. Ask questions of your nurse and/or nursing assistant. If  you don’t like the answer, speak with the supervisor. If you are still not satisfied, don’t forget, every facility has a director of nursing, who  is ultimately in charge of all nurses and CNAs. If you’ve taken these steps  and feel your concern has not been addressed, or if you feel it might be a  violation of Nevada nursing law, then call the board's toll-free consumer hot line at 1-888-590-6726, or file a written  complaint, following the instructions below.


How to file a complaint about a nurse or nursing assistant.

If you have a concern about your nursing care, the board of nursing wants  to hear from you. Remember, it’s your health that’s at stake. To help the board investigate your complaint, you may complete and mail the online  complaint form by clicking one of the "Complaint Report Form" links above. Or if you  prefer, you may mail a signed letter that contains the information listed below (to the best of your ability). The board  can only accept a written complaint signed by the person making it.


- Name of nurse or CNA (first and last)
- What he/she did - With whom it happened
- Date, time and place it happened - The names of witnesses, if any (a consumer, other regulatory
                  agencies, another nurse or professional, or anyone with knowledge of the alleged violation)
- Any documentation which supports the complaint, for example a witness statement or patient record
- Your name, address and phone number (the board needs to be able to contact you)
Your signature and date
Mail the letter and any documents to:
Nevada State Board of Nursing
Investigations and Discipline
5011 Meadowood Mall Way #300
Reno, NV 89502-6547
Toll-Free Consumer Hot Line