Public Records

Parties interested in receiving public information for a nurse may submit their request to with information about where the public information can be sent, contact information for the requestor, and the name and license number of the nurse.


Fees for public records request will not be assessed until the total cost reaches $10.00. 
Fees will include costs such as personnel time, number of copies and postage. If the cost
of producing the records is estimated to be more than $10.00, records will not be
produced until payment is received by the Nevada State Board of Nursing. When
estimated costs exceed $10.00, the requestor will be notified in writing and required to
remit the full payment or a deposit.

Deposit Required: If the estimated total fee is projected to be more than $25.00, a
deposit will be required before processing of the records will begin. If the final total fee
is less than the deposit collected, the Board of Nursing will refund the difference. If the
final total fee is more than the deposit collected, payment in full will be required before
records will be released.

Personnel Time: Pursuant to NRS 239.055, a fee may be charged for
extraordinary use of personnel or technological resources. Personnel time will be
charged at the rate of the staff person qualified to provide or prepare the requested
information. Charges will be as follows:
 $20.00 per hour per management assistant
 $35.00 per hour per investigator
 $45.00 per hour per executive staff member

Copying Fees:
 Black and white copies, up to 8.5” x 14” .05/per page
 Color, up to 8.5” x 14” .50/per page
 Compact Disc $5/per disc
 Certified copies $2.50/per document

Court Reporter Transcript: The fee charged for a copy of a court reporter transcription
is set forth in the contract between the Nevada State Board of Nursing and the court

Postage: All shipping will be sent by USPS standard mail unless alternative methods are
requested. The requestor is responsible for postage fees.
Payment: Payment may only be made by check or money order payable to the
Nevada State Board of Nursing.”

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