Are you an RN with a Master’s Degree or working on a Master’s Degree with at least 5 years nursing experience?  Have you ever thought about teaching nursing students? Would you like to be a clinical instructor? Our nursing programs across the state are continuously hiring for clinical instructors in med/surg, peds, ob, and psych. Contact a nursing program near you to find out what type of opportunities they have available or email Michelle Johnson at

Approved Nursing Programs

Download the list of approved nursing education programs in Nevada here

NCLEX Pass Rates for Nevada Schools

RN/LPN Pass RatesRN/LPN Pass RatesRN Pass RatesRN Pass RatesRN/LPN Pass RatesRN/LPN Pass RatesRN/LPN Pass RatesRN/LPN Pass Rates
LPN Pass RatesLPN Pass Rates

2023 RN/LPN Quarterly Pass Rates

1st Quarter NCLEX Report RN/LPN
2nd Quarter NCLEX Report RN/LPN
3rd Quarter NCLEX Report RN/LPN
4th Quarter NCLEX Report RN/LPN

Approved Refresher Programs Information

According to NAC 632.192 (4): An applicant for renewal of a license who has not practiced nursing during the immediately preceding 5-year period must complete a course or program approved by the Board if he has otherwise satisfied the requirements for renewal set forth in this chapter and chapter 632 of NRS.

Click here to download the instructions for renewing your RN/LPN license after 5 years of inactivity

Approved CNA Training Program

Download a list of approved CNA training programs in Nevada here

CNA Competency Exam Testing

You are required to take written and clinical skills examinations for certification as a CNA in Nevada. We are currently transitioning to a new CNA examination testing vendor, Credentia. Please visit the Credentia website to schedule your exam:

CNA Certification Exam Results

State Certification exam results 2023State Certification exam results 2022State Certification exam results 2021State Certification exam results 2020State Certification exam results 2019State Certification exam results 2018State Certification exam results 2017

CNA Instructor Train the Trainer Program

The three approved colleges that offer the Train the Trainer course are linked with their contact information: Train the Trainer Program

Nursing Assistant Instructor

To qualify to become a Nursing Assistant Instructor, NRS 632.2856 and NAC 632.775 requires applicants to have a current Nevada RN license, at least three (3) years of experience in nursing (one (1) year of which must be in caring for the elderly or chronically ill), and successfully completed a Board-approved Train the Trainer Course. Please complete an application via the Nevada Nurse Portal, submit a copy of your Train the Trainer certificate, and a letter on letterhead from a current or past employer verifying one (1) year of experience in caring for the elderly or chronically ill.