The Disability Advisory Committee advises and reports to the Board regarding Nurses and CNAs with disabilities or practice issues which impact the delivery of safe and effective Nursing.

Member and Term Ending Dates

Elaine Ralph, MSN, RN, FN-CSp, Monitoring and Probation Investigator – Chair

Richard Angelastro, MSN, RN – Las Vegas – November 2023
Rebecca Scarpa, DNP, APRN – Reno – July 2023
Paul Kapsar, MSN, APRN – Las Vegas – November 2023
Beth Kiehn, MSN, APRN – Reno – September 2024
Todd Rush, BSN, RN – Las Vegas – November 2023
Toril Strand, BA, RN-C – Reno – November 2023

Disability Advisory Committee Meeting Information

Meeting DatesMeeting AgendaMeeting Minutes
October 14, 2021Minutes
January 13, 2022Minutes
April 14, 2022Minutes
July 21, 2022Agenda
October 13, 2022Agenda

Meeting Minutes for Preceding 5 Years

AprilApril – CancelledAprilJune