Requirements for iCNA Renewal

Nursing Assistant Instructor (iCNA) licenses are due for annual renewal before September 1st.
Requirements for iCNA Renewal

  1. The applicant must have an active unencumbered permanent RN license to qualify for renewal. If the applicant’s RN license is expired, the application will not meet requirements for renewal.
  2. NAC 632.775 (5) The Board will renew a certificate of approval to teach annually if an instructor provides evidence satisfactory to the Board that the instructor meets the requirements of this section and has received compensation for teaching at least once in the preceding 2 years.
  3. The NSBN can use the applicant’s Train the Trainer (NSBN approved) certificate of completion in lieu of teaching if the certificate is dated within the previous two years.

    Once the applicant has met the above requirements, the applicant will apply (annually) before September 1st through their nurse portal account for iCNA license renewal.