• The Nevada Nurse Practice Act (NRS 632.2856) requires providers of Nursing Assistant Training Programs (NATP) to obtain approval from the Nevada State Board of Nursing.
  • The training program required for certification as a nursing assistant must consist of 75 hours of instruction with no less than 60 hours of theory and learning skills in a laboratory setting.
  • The training facility must meet requirements pursuant to NAC 632.780, to hold the training for theory and lab portion of the class, and such site will require a site inspection.
  • Nursing Assistant Training Programs must have at least one clinical site, with a signed clinical agreement. 
  • New programs do require a site visit which must be done at the facility to ensure requirements are met per NAC 632.780 (1-2) before a program can be approved by the NSBN. 
  • NAC 632.780 (2) and NAC 632.785 (5) lists the requirements for clinical sites, as well as a duty of the program coordinator.
  • Private programs that charge students fees for the course (not associated with the college or LTC) will also need CPE approval.
  • In a facility-based program, the training of nurse aides may be performed under the general supervision of the director of nursing for the facility who is prohibited from performing the actual training.
  • Facility-based programs must also meet federal requirements listed under 42 CFR 483.151(b).

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